I-BiDaaS project is sponsoring the 5th Network and Information Security (NIS'18) Summer School, taking place in Crete, Greece, 24-28 September 2018.
ESOCC 2018
I-BiDaaS project is an EU-funded project that aims to empower IT and non-IT big data experts to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies.
I-BiDaaS project is one of Raid’s 2018 international symposium sponsors (10-12 September 2018, Heraklion, Grete, Greece).
Novi Sad
I-BiDaaS project was presented at the meeting of The Center for Promotion of Science at the Novi Sad on 23 of May 2018.
The I-BiDaaS project was presented at the annual meeting of the SCOPES project on 16 March, 2018 in Novi Sad, Serbia.
I-BiDaaS was presented on Radio-Television of Vojvodina (RTV) web portal by the project's Scientific and Technical Coordinator Dr. Dusan Jakovetic, on 6 of March 2018.