I-BiDaaS Info Day - Workshop on Big Data Analytics

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Novi Sad

Date: 22 January 2019 (10:00-14:00 CET) 

Venue: University of Nozi Sad, Main Rectorate Building, Multimedia meeting room, 1st floor, Dr Zorana Djindjica 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Organizations leverage data pools to drive value, while it is variety, not volume or velocity, which drives big-data investments. The convergence of Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and Big Data, create new opportunities for Big Data analytics. Human and machine created data are being aggregated, transforming our economy and society.

To face these challenges, companies call upon expert analysts and consultants to assist them. However, a different paradigm – Big Data as a self-service – will be transformative for organizations; it will empower their employees with the right knowledge, and give the true decision-makers the insights they need to make the right decisions. It will shift the power balance within an organization, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve employee empowerment, and increase profitability.

The H2020 European Union-funded I-BiDaaS project - Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution aims to develop a Big Data as a self-service solution that will empower users to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies. I-BiDaaS will achieve this by designing, building, and demonstrating, a unified solution that: significantly increases the speed of data analysis while coping with the rate of data asset growth, and facilitates cross-domain data-flow towards a thriving data-driven EU economy. The project’s solution will be tangibly validated by three real-world, industry-lead experiments, in the domains of banking, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, an I-BiDaaS’ project partner, is organizing a one-day workshop on Big Data analytics on January 22, 2019. The aim of the event is to gather a local/regional community of leading industry experts on Big Data analytics and Data science, as well as a local community of industries that are interested in leveraging Big Data analytics and self-service analytics in their practices, processes and services. The participants will have an opportunity to gather and exchange ideas on recent developments and activities in the context of Data science, Big Data, and self-service analytics. The event will feature a presentation of the I-BiDaaS project, its core technologies, and the corresponding minimum viable product, followed by brainstorming and discussion sessions.

The event’s main objectives are to: 1) raise awareness in the region about the I-BiDaaS project and usefulness and applicability of its technologies across a wide range of domains and applications; 2) create a local community interested in the project; 3) explore possibilities for continuous collaboration between the project and industries in the region; and 4) acquire feedback from the industry experts about the technical approach and solutions that can contribute to shaping future steps within the project.

  I-BiDaaS Info Day - Workshop on Big Data Analytics

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