I-BiDaaS - Telefonica Research Online Hackathon Successfully Closed and the Winners are…

Telefonica Research Online Hackathon Successfully Closed

Date:23-25 October 2020

Venue: Online


The I-BiDaaS – Telefonica Research Online Hackathon was successfully held between 23rd to 25th of October 2020, on the “Quality of Service in Call Centers”, which is a high-value use case for any company that wants to maintain a close relationship with their customers. In this Hackathon challenge, motivated by the I-BiDaaS EU project, TID proposed the analysis of Call Centre transcripts together with the corresponding voice acoustic features for the prediction of customer satisfaction index (CSI).

The Hackathon was designed to challenge curious and analytical minds, data experts, designers and developers with (but not limited to) competences in:

  • Analysing big and complex data with scalable methods (e.g., Deep Learning, statistical analysis)
  • NLP and speech processing technologies

Considering the conditions and limitations under which the event was launched, the attention it received exceeded our initial expectations. Students, PhDs, researchers and employees from startups and SMEs, from all over Europe, teamed up to address the challenge of developing algorithms that take the output from speech-to-text technologies (e.g., prosodic and linguistic features) and convert them into relevant information for the Call Center Operations.

In total, 13 persons register for the hackathon forming eight (8) teams To assist the teams, and improve communication and collaboration, we assigned to each of them a mentor. The mentors, who were recruited from the I-BiDaaS consortium technical partners, were the first “line of defence” for addressing questions and resolving technical issues

After a careful assessment of the submitted solutions, we determined the winning team:

“Team 7 – ElArbustoDeLaDecision” (Dennis Doerrich, Yaroslav Marchuk).

Their model outperformed our baseline solution in terms of the F-beta score and achieved an impressive final score.

Last but not least, the winning team was awarded with a free entrance to the Wayra pitch day!


Click here to read the detailed report of the I-BiDaaS - Telefonica Research Online Hackathon.