I-BiDaaS Final Event


Date: 21 December 2020

Venue: Virtual

After three years of research and innovation, the I-BiDaaS project partners organised a free online event that was held on the 21st of December 2020 in order to share the main results achieved. As this exciting journey is approaching the end and aiming to ensure further adoption and to boost exploitation of the project’s results and its sustainability, I-BiDaaS experts showcased the third and final version of the I-BiDaaS solution and its applicability in 8 real-word, industry-led experiments in the domains of banking, manufacturing, and telecommunication.

In total, 94 attendees from 12 countries attended the event, a number that significantly increased the visibility of the project and the achieved results. Similar to other events organised by the project, the attendees were asked a few questions in order to understand their background and interests. From the responses received, the majority of the attendees were from Research and Academia (81%), followed by Big Data Technology providers (17%), as shown in Figure 1. Even though 53% worked with Big Data and 94% were interested in Big Data technologies to improve their customer experiences. The main barrier to achieve this was considered the lack of expertise (56%), as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 1. To which of our stakeholder types do you belong?

Figure 2. What is the main barrier or risk preventing you from implementing Big Data Analytical solutions in your organisation?

The event started with the keynote speaker, Nuria de Lama, European Programs Manager, Atos Research & Innovation - Member of Board of Directors, BDVA – I-BiDaaS External Advisory Board member. The title of her talk was ‘A 5-years journey through the European Big Data Landscape’. Nuria de Lama focused on the EU data ecosystem and how it dramatically has evolved in the last years with enormous progress on data analytics and privacy-preserving technologies. She highlighted the challenges that still remain, like making data available and easily usable, agreeing on a European framework for data governance and ensuring the interoperability and openness of data platforms. Questions such as competitiveness and European sovereignty were also part of the discussion. She summarised the main findings, activities and results and opening up a discussion about the future, including the potential suitability of data spaces or infrastructures like GAIA-X to address the aforementioned challenges. The keynote by Nuria de Lama set the ground for the presentations that followed.

After the keynote, an overview of the I-BiDaaS project was presented along with the I-BiDaaS scientific and technical advancements. The three data providers presented the requirements set at the initial phases of the projects and how I-BiDaaS managed to successfully address them. Step by step demos of the I-BiDaaS solution and its application to the targeted sectors was performed and the key findings and the lessons learned were shared with the audience. The I-BiDaaS platform, with the three different modes, was also showcased together with the two generic use cases that have also been developed. Finally, the I-BiDaaS Innovation Ecosystem and the business and commercial offering of the I-BiDaaS solution was presented.

Interesting questions were received, focusing on data sharing and data availability. More specifically, the attendees were interested to hear the view of the speakers regarding what will be the game changer for convincing data owners to share more data, and given the strict regulations which will be the most prominent way in the next years to introduce new Data Analysis technologies.


Watch the I-BiDaaS Final Event recording:

  • Welcome and Introduction - Despina Kopanaki (FORTH)
  • Keynote: A 5-years journey through the European Big Data Landscape - Nuria de Lama (Atos Research & Innovation, BDVA)
  • I-BiDaaS Overview - Sotiris Ioannidis (FORTH, TUC)
  • I-BiDaaS Scientific and Technical view - Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF)
  • Pilot 1: I-BiDaaS Application to the banking sector - Ramon Martin de Pozuelo (CaixaBank)
  • Pilot 2: I-BiDaaS Application to the telecommunication sector - Ioannis Arapakis (Telefonica I+D)
  • Pilot 3: I-BiDaaS Application to the manufacturing sector - Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio (CRF)
  • I-BiDaaS Platform Demonstration - Vassilis Chatzigiannakis (ITML)
  • The I-BiDaaS business & commercial offering - Hernan Ruiz Ocampo (ENPC)


The slides are available here.