Big Data Pilot Demo Days: I-BiDaaS Application to the Manufacturing Sector Webinar


Hosted by BDV PPP, BigDataStack, I-BiDaaS, Track & Know and Policy Cloud joined forces in a series of online demonstrations of innovative Big Data Technologies unlocking the potential of various applications.

The third I-BiDaaS webinar of the Big Data Pilot Demo Days series under BDV PPP, I-BiDaaS Application to the Manufacturing Sector, was held on July 9th. The main goal of this big data pilot webinar was to demonstrate in a step by step fashion the I-BiDaaS self-service solution and its application to the manufacturing sector.

Dr. Dušan Jakovetić, I-BiDaaS Scientific & Technical Manager, started the webinar with an overview presentation of the I-BiDaaS project, including the motivation behind I-BiDaaS, the project’s vision and its applicability to different sectors. Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio, Flexible and Adaptive Systems Specialist at Factory Innovation Department, CRF, Italy, followed up and set the requirements of the CRF pilot study focusing on why CRF needs I-BiDaaS. Later on, Dr. Jakovetić made a more in-depth presentation of the I-BiDaaS architecture with its core technologies highlighting how I-BiDaaS successfully managed to address the CRF’s use-case requirements. During the final session, Mr. Spennacchio proceeded with an extensive step by step demonstration of the I-BiDaaS solution of the following use cases:

Production process of aluminium die-casting

The first use case for CRF aims to improve the quality of the process, to make it more stable and to cut costs to repair or reprocess the engine defects. Big Data analysis aims to improve the quality of processes, with the aim of finding the most significant parameters to monitor and control. The goal of this experiment is to test the efficiency of the I-BiDaaS solution in the context of correlating defects with the production process parameters and resetting these to prevent repairs and reworks.

Maintenance and monitoring of production assets

The second use case for CRF has been selected to use Big Data to optimise an industrial process in a plant and to set a predictive maintenance procedure. Predictive maintenance allows preventing faults before they happen by doing maintenance at the right time (not too late or too early, to avoid inefficiencies). The goal of this experiment is to test the I-BiDaaS platform, using different methods adapted to different users (expert/ non-expert) across silos: different companies, departments and competences are involved.


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Watch the I-BiDaaS Application to the Manufacturing Sector Webinar recordings:

  • Introduction to the series of webinars – Despina Kopanaki (FORTH)
  • Introduction to the I-BiDaaS project - Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF)
  • CRF’s Pitches: Setting the requirements – Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio (CRF)
  • I-BiDaaS architecture: a Scientific & Technical view and how it addresses the requirements set by the CRF pilot study - Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF)
  • Step by Step demonstration of the I-BiDaaS solution and its application to the manufacturing sector – Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio (CRF)

The slides are available here.


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