During the virtual BDV PPP Summit 2020 BigDataStack, I-BiDaaS, Track & Know and Policy Cloud joined forces in a series of 9 online demonstrations of innovative Big Data Technologies unlocking the potential of applications in domains spanning from telecommunications, transport, finance, retail, manufacturing 4.0 and health to citizen mobility and policy-making against radicalisation.

Hernan Ruiz (ENPC), Vlatka Katusic (ENPC), Spiros Fotis (AEGIS) - July 02, 2020
Organisations worldwide seek knowledge to develop a competitive advantage in the Information Age, and the convergence of IoT, cloud, and big data offers a variety of opportunities. The exploitation of big data technologies could result in high costs when companies need to call upon expert analysts to help with big data analytics.

Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio, CRF - June 16, 2020
Different and international competitive scenarios have been selected for developing, implementing and evaluating the real-world industrial experiments in the EU H2020 I-BiDaaS project. Three data providers, namely CAIXA (CaixaBank), CRF (Centro Ricerche FIAT SCPA) and TID (Telefonica I+D), belonging to the banking, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors respectively, have defined eight real-world, industry-lead experiments where I-BiDaaS solution is being tangibly validated.

Enric Pages Montanera - December 09, 2019
Six months after delivering our first integrated version of the framework, so-called, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the I-BiDaaS consortium released the 1st Prototype of the I-BiDaaS solution. One of the project main aims is to create new opportunities for self-service analytics towards a comprehensive paradigm tailored to big data analytics.

Dr. Gerald Ristow - October 15, 2019
The overall software architecture of the I-BiDaaS project is shown below and contains a classical lambda-architecture, meaning a streaming and batch layer that together analyze process and also store the data. The batch layer is shown in red and brown and the streaming layer consists of the green parts. The former was described in a previous blog post; here we concentrate on the challenges of the streaming layer.

Julien Mascolo (CRF), Jlenia Puma (CRF), Giuseppe Danilo Spennacchio (CRF), Gianmarco Genchi (CRF), Dr. Dusan Jakovetic (UNSPMF) - September 2, 2019
CRF organised a hackathon in Campus Melfi (Italy) from 18th to 19th June, 2019 in order to share knowledge on the automated data processing for manufacturing and to start defining a business case for the big data analysis across different processes and plants. The aim of the hackathon was on one side to develop methodologies and tools for the predictive analysis of massive manufacturing data, showing heterogeneous real-time acquisition, massive industrial data management and intelligent decision-making, and on the other side to define the metrics, objectives, AS-IS and TO-BE situations for the implementation of big data analysis in automotive industrial processes.

Dr. Cesare Cugnasco - July 22, 2019
Many of you may have heard saying that “[Big] Data is the oil of the 21st century” when explaining the importance of data in modern society, and how it is changing our everyday life. After all, it is not by chances that many of the most valued companies in the world base their business in the harvesting of data. However, this analogy can also give an idea of the engineering challenges and the complexity of the whole process that goes from the collection of raw data to the extraction of useful information.