WP7 - Exploitation, Sustainability and Business Continuity

The ultimate goal of this WP is to draw a market innovation strategy, which will drive the business planning analysis and activities of the I-BiDaaS solution and prepare for the long-term sustainability and potential commercialization uptake to the primary market segments. The latter can be achieved only if the following two activities will be performed: i) raising awareness of the project in scientific and industrial communities and ii) a joint exploitation plan will be formulated in a way that will maximize the exploitation benefits for individual partners and thus foster a greater sustainability of the tools in the long-term, beyond the lifespan of the project. .


  • Achieve maximum visibility and public awareness of the I-BiDaaS solution;
  • Provide business and technical know-how to stakeholders;
  • Increase awareness of I-BiDaaS products and highlight relevant market needs;
  • Produce a condensed business plan for the commercialization of the solution – take into account privacy and legal issues.;
  • Correlate individual exploitation plans and define joint exploitation activities that will facilitate project’s viability.

Market analysis, business modelling and exploitation activities will be the outcome of WP’s four tasks.

This WP has produced 3 public and 3 confidential reports according to the plan. The work carried out so far led on establishing a baseline for the market analysis for the big-data as a service market while attempting to explore the related business models, the baseline for the I-BiDaaS exploitation strategy, and also the first individual and joint dynamic business models aiming at the commercialisation of the I-BiDaaS solution. Moreover, I-BiDaaS dissemination strategy that reports/monitors of the respective dissemination and communication activities has been defined. Project’s website is operative, and several dissemination materials have been produced. The project has already several publications and has participated in many events.