WP6 - Real – life industrial and operational experiments

Real-life operational experiments from three industrial domains, namely manufacturing, banking and telecom, will be executed in the context of this WP. The experiments will guide the utilization of I-BiDaaS solution in real, operational and industrial environments (I-BiDaaS experimental protocol) facilitating its validation activities.


  • Ensure a smooth and adequate execution of validation experiments in real-life industrial environments;
  • Demonstrate how I-BiDaaS solution can effectively aggregate, pre-process, manage and synthesize cross-sectorial, noisy and large-scale data sets in both batch and real-time processing;
  • Provide structured feedback, both from the data providers and the technology owners to the development process;
  • Ensure project’s impact thus fostering platform’s long-term sustainability;

The three tasks of WP6 will provide more than three publicly available configurations of I-BiDaaS solution. Utilized in industrial environments, these prototypes will be actual realizations of project’s envisioned outcome. Finally, an impact analysis report will be an offering to big data stakeholders and will identify project’s added value to scientific and industrial communities.

This WP has produced 1 public and 2 confidential reports according to the plan. The work carried out so far involves the evaluation results; the preparation of the datasets to be exploited in each experiment; and the indicators to be measured, according to the I-BiDaaS experimental protocol.