WP5 - Distributed large-scale framework and Integration

I-BiDaaS integrated solution will be packaged and shared with stakeholders to be evaluated. Following project’s already defined work plan, WP5 will release three versions of a framework that permits powerful and scalable data processing on top of three heterogeneous and federated infrastructures presented in WP6 (telecom, banking and automobile industries).


  • Management of diverse infrastructure resources for data analytics (including cloud and GPU resources);
  • Orchestration of infrastructure resource management across diverse resource providers;
  • Seamless integration and exploitation of infrastructure elasticity capabilities by COMPSs and Hecuba runtime environments;
  • Provide an integrated solution that realises the concept of Big-Data-as-a-Self-Service.

I-BiDaaS solution – three publicly available releases, starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by the end of the year (2018).

This WP has produced 4 public reports according to the plan. The work carried out so far allows us to have an operational infrastructure environment where the software modules which are part of the I-BiDaaS solution have been deployed supporting the realization of the I-BiDaaS MVP prototype (M12) and the 1st I-BiDaaS prototype (M18).