WP1 - Setting the scene: Baseline framework

WP1 consist of four tasks and its main objective is to materialize project’s Baseline Phase. This phase positions the project in the Big Data research and industrial community by focusing first and foremost on the technological solution and secondly on the industrial challenges that are addressed. Data value chains (including access control rights and accessibility), data silos that the solution will break, and industrial requirements and challenges are defined by the data providers.


  • Define industrial challenges related to the management and exploitation of Big Data;
  • Synthesise and present the current state of the art in the Big Data area;
  • Describe the technical framework in which the project will develop with an outline of the three-layer architecture;
  • Specify the test cases for the experiments including the verification and validation approach and develop a mapping of the architecture’s mechanics with the streaming data flowing from the data providers.

In the context of this WP three reports will be produced. Two of them are confidential and support the last one which will be publicly available to the community and stakeholders.

This WP has finalized all its tasks successfully and all reports have been produced according to the plan. The work carried out led to the identification of industrial challenges, the elicitation of user requirements, the specification of the architecture, and the definition of the validation approach.