Big Data Value Forum
I-BiDaaS project is a Sponsor of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) 2019, taking place in Helsinki, Finland, 14 - 16 October 2019.
ICT 2019
Joining BDV PPP, I-BiDaaS will be present at the ICT Proposers Day event on September 19th to September 20th, 2019 in Helsinki.
Network and Information Security Summer School
I-BiDaaS project is sponsoring the 6th Network and Information Security (NIS'19) Summer School, taking place in Crete, Greece, 16 September - 20 September 2019.
IEEE World Congress on Services
Professor Srdjan Skrbic from UNSPMF will present I-BiDaaS at the IEEE World Congress on Services .
The UNSPMF team of the I-BiDaaS project is participating in the EUROCON 2019 conference with several presentations and papers in the proceedings on optimization and machine learning algorithms, in the special session on Big Data and distributed inference.
ISC 2019
The ISC High-Performance conference brings together over 3,500 researchers and commercial users, and 160 exhibitors, ready to share their experiences with the latest technology and products regarding HPC, ML, and Big Data.