I-BiDaaS at the Big-Data.AI Summit 2019

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Date: 11 & 12 April 2019

Venue: Berlin, Germany

I-BiDaaS partner SoftwareAG, represented the project at the Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 which took place in Berlin on 11 & 12 of April.

Big-Data.AI Summit is Europe’s leading summit for artificial intelligence and big data. The summit is shaping up to become a gathering venue for 5,000 like-minded experts and practitioners keen on going beyond the hype and diving into the depths of the big data and AI revolution.

Two full days full of exciting presentations, hands-on use cases and high-quality panel discussion - this was the Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 in Berlin. More than 8,000 visitors experienced Europe's leading conference on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Station Berlin on 10 & 11 April.

The German Minister of Energy Peter Altmeier, was also present as smart energy and start-up funding was a plenary topic as well. 

Regarding I-BiDaaS, Dr. Gerald Ristow had many interesting discussions with consulting companies who handle and analyze Big Data. Especially the scalable analytic in-memory database Exasol, (see https://www.exasol.com/en/products/database-architecture/), could be used in the project instead of TerracottaDB since it is accessible via JDBC which can be used from Apama and MashZone. There were also many discussions about how data can be shared and under what conditions since everyone agreed that more freely available data is needed in Europe to develop new algorithms and insights, especially if Europe wants to stand up to the US and China.