I-BiDaaS at the Data Science Meetup

Data Science Meetup

Date: 5 December 2019

Venue: Startit Center, Novi Sad, Serbia

I-BiDaaS Technical Coordinator Dusan Jakovetic and the External Advisory Board member Ilija Susa participated at a Data Science Meetup held at the Startit Center in Novi Sad, Serbia. The meetup was organized by the Serbian data science community as part of a roadshow of events across several Serbian cities aimed at promoting data science, its community, and related activities.

The meetup featured three talks, by Ilija Susa (Content Insights; I-BiDaaS external advisory board member), Dusan Jakovetic (University of Novi Sad; I-BiDaaS technical coordinator), and Oskar Marko (BioSense Institute Novi Sad). As part of his talk, Dusan presented examples of data science applications featured within I-BiDaaS.