I-BiDaaS Info Day - Workshop on Big Data Analytics

info day

Date: 22 January , 2019

Venue: Novi Sad, Serbia

The 1st I-BiDaaS Info Day – Workshop on Big Data Analytics has been held on January 22nd, 2019, coordinated by UNSPMF, technical coordinator of I-BiDaaS, and Ilija Šuša, co-founder of Content Insights LLC. The list of participants included a regional community of industry experts in data science and big data analysis, as well as a local network of industries interested in using big data and self-service analytics in their business. 34 people from 14 different organizations (12 industry companies and 2 academic organisations) participated in total.

The event successfully raised awareness about the I-BiDaaS project, creating a community interested in the results of the project and exploring possibilities for the future cooperation. During the workshop, important feedback from participants was collected. The participants were interested in the costs regarding the implementation and processes in case of commercial use of the platform that is being developed within the project. Another important point that was discussed was related to pre-processing and transformation that occurs before the actual processing.

The I-BiDaaS Info Day concluded with the promise of new meetings and workshops or other dissemination events in the near future.

For more details about the outcomes of the event, click here