Circular Economy Symposium at Harvard
Dr. Giorgos Dimitriou, Director of the Circular Economy Research Center at ENPC, participated in the Circular Economy Symposium that took place at Harvard in Boston on March 6, 2020.
IEEE BigData 2019
Dr. Cesare Cugnasco from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) participated to the IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2019 (IEEE BigData 2019).
Data Science Meetup
I-BiDaaS Technical Coordinator Dusan Jakovetic and the External Advisory Board member Ilija Susa participated at a Data Science Meetup held at the Startit Center in Novi Sad, Serbia.
M23 Plenary & Technical Meeting
On November 20-21, the I-BiDaaS partners gathered for the M23 plenary & technical meeting in the CAIXA Forum Building.
Data Science Conference 5.0
I-BiDaaS project coordinator, Dr. Sotiris Ioannidis was invited as a keynote speaker to the Data Science Conference 5.0 that took place on 19-20 of November 2019 at Belgrade, Serbia.
1st Internal Exploitation Workshop
The 1st I-BiDaaS exploitation workshop organized by ENPC was successfully held on the 19th of November collocated with the plenary & technical meeting in Mallorca, Spain.