I-BiDaaS project will solve three very specific problems in manufacturing, banking and telecommunication domains that currently are facing I-BiDaaS industrial partners (CFR, CAIXA, TID). The domains are as follows:



Manufacturing - The purpose of this use case is to produce high quality products with specific minimized time delivery while increasing product competitiveness and client/supplier satisfaction. The I-BiDaaS framework will analyse and correlate industrial/manufacturing data originating from various automotive production processes (such as data from sensors, transportation system, infrastructure, transportation suppliers, components suppliers, logistics flows, data from local sensors related to the consumption of components) and will minimize response and product production times. I-BiDaaS solution will be able to combine all this information and proceed to real-time re-planning of the procedures needed so that the manufacturing process continues without interruption and avoid excessing costs and financial damage.


Banking/Finance - The purpose of this use case is to provide control to outsourced services and establish uninterrupted daily management operations and procedures by using Big Data technologies. This use case would be applicable to any financial institution and to any medium to large company in general, since IT has become critical to any industry and the outsourcing of services has been demonstrated as a main trend. Apart from the sector, this use case is intended to be applied to companies who are doing business in a cross border scenario, since when the infrastructure is not localized in a particular country is when outsourcing of services is making more sense and provide better benefits. European legislation is also aligned with this strategy and for this reason European Regulation that applies to these matters is being issued as a key factor to enhance European industry competitiveness.


Telecommunications - The purpose of this use case is to use of big data to employ bots in call centers that are more anthropomorphic and realistic. There is a database created aiming at developing speech technologies that transform audio calls into relevant information for the Call Center that can be used to assess its performance and/or to screen automatically phone calls. I-BiDaaS product will improve the number of audio calls that can be processed per time unit. Additionally, it will assist for accurate location prediction with high traffic and visibility. This would be valuable insights on the audience, understand the behavior of local and non-local customers over various periods of time (e.g holidays), and extract insights on the behavioral patterns of groups of people.It is planned also to execute algorithms and further improve the routing and placement of the telecommunication equipment that is already in place or arrange accordingly the new equipment obtained.