Dr. Dusan Jakovetic - December 27, 2018
The I-BiDaaS consortium is bringing several technological advances in the upcoming months, as it will be presented in the technology-focused month 12-deliverables D2.2, D2.3, D3.1, D4.1, D5.1, and D5.2. In short, we are presenting the I-BiDaaS minimum viable product – MVP (D5.2), as well as first reports on data fabrication (D2.2), visualization and monitoring (D2.3), batch analytics (D3.1), complex event processing (D4.1), and resource management (D5.1). We briefly outline here the overall I-BiDaaS MVP solution and the corresponding use case, as well as the batch analytics algorithm that lies at the core of the use case. Other technological advances will be described in the upcoming months’ articles.